Terms & Conditions

This is the preliminary version of the Terms & Conditions concerning doing business with Scintillas.

  • Scintillas: the entity as listed under that name and number 71084770 at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.
  • Receiver: everyone, whether or not paying, that has interaction with Scintillas to obtain goals as listed as her mission, or receiving goods or services from her.

If receiver has received from Scintillas what has been agreed upon to deliver, she thinks paying in full on asap notice is the appropriate thing to do with a maximum of 2 weeks due time based on invoice dating.
Adjusting invoice amount or due time is only allowed after mutual approval.

If lecture content does not meet receiver’s expectations by difference of opinion, it in no case can lead to disrespect invoice amount or terms of payment. It would suit both parties to then re-evaluate his/her opinion during respectful consultation.

Copyright photos and articles
Nearly all photographs are made by me and therefore protected by copyright. Feel free to use these images as long as there is a direct hyperlink to the page where you found it. In all other cases I urge you to contact me. The same goes for articles.
If you find content on this site to which you own copyright, please contact me to solve this issue in consultation.

Participation or any other form of interaction with Scintillas is completely voluntarily. Therefore, any psychological, spiritual, financial, physical, social or material consequences are at receiver’s liability.
Any psychological and/or physical consequences deriving from the usage of entheogens is at receiver’s liability.
Receiver will at all times, regardless his or her state of consciousness, be held responsible for damage done to Scintillas’ inventory or property.

Scintillas obligates herself at all times to act as correct as possible, to disobey morally unjust laws, to respect your privacy, and to discuss and argument not in gaining personal victory but to obtain progress.

This website makes use of Google Analytics. Scintillas herself uses this data to get an impression about the how and what of her website visitors. What Google does with its data is listed here.
The information supplied in receiving the newsletter is used for that purpose only and will never be sold or shared with 3d parties.