The word scintillas is Latin for sparks from the purification, sintering and amalgamation of metals and additives in the fiery mystical furnaces of the old alchemists while trying to bring the
lapis philosophorum – ‘the Philosopher’s Stone’  into existence.

I find electric sparks, the above mentioned pyro metallurgic sparks, but also the ones that burst out of wood fires and plasma discharges as in the homepage video, fascinating and magical phenomena. Just as the mystics considered the nigredo as the first step into creating the Philosopher’s Stone, so did Carl Gustav Jung consider this darkness (a dark night of the soul) as a necessity for the proces of personal development.

Nearly every fire starts with a scintilla that ignites the combustion. Love often bursts out by a romantic spark. Every living thing does that by the divine spark that MADE it alive. At every moment in time somewhere on the planet, Mother Earth’s processes are set in motion by lightning; super scintillas. It’s no coincidence that our central nervous system operates by pulsating spikes, sparks and discharges. From that point of view, thoughts and ideas seem intuitive, creative and insights bringing sparks popping up from the dark unconscious into the dimension of our awareness to show the mystery of what’s hidden there. In other words; sheer magic.

In my experience, scintillas are the visible intentions of very powerful processes bound to happen, that jump ahead into the future as a sparkling first step to set these processes into motion.
Great name for a remarkable mission I think.


: sparks – sparkling – Life

photo story: Scintillergy