: linguistic scintillas in the form of inspiring and motivating quotes, memes, sayings, poetry, etc. printed on Post-It notes.

A postil or postill (Latin: postilla) was originally a term for Bible commentaries. It is derived from the Latin “post illa verba textus” (after these words), referring to Biblical readings. Click the postil tooltip for more information.


If you stumble upon a Postilla that inspires you, feel free to take’em with you. Just stick it wherever you want to inspire yourself or others. If so, I’d appreciate you leaving a message below about where you found which Postilla and maybe even what or where it’s new location is.

Postillas are put out in the world as paper scintillas to be seen and because every little bits help, poke and inspire people. There is a link on each postilla leading to this website so I can hopefully inspire some more folks towards self development as well.
Postillas are non-destructive so these sticky memes can be freely posted all around. I stick’em everywhere; at work, in the supermarket or any other store, gasstations, public transport, the cinema, diners and restaurants, just about anywhere where people visit . Because of their original design they’re often ‘allowed’ to stick around for quite a while, or as suggested, taken home or work to inspire there.

If you have access to a laserprinter and also like to inspire people into self-developement, then let me know. I can send you a ‘how to’ manual and pdf templates to print mine, or design your own Postillas. Contact me anyway if you want to know more about Postillas in general.