This project was a rather spontaneous action in where the website got finished before the lectures were worked out; they are in development right now. Do feel free to inquire about the status of the lectures.

I give lectures about personal development, consciousness expansion and about the psychedelic experience, by education concerning the responsible use of entheogens, my own experience with them and the insights and realizations that can come from using entheogens properly. These lectures hold many aspects of science, i.e. philosophy, psychology, astrology, biology, cosmology, technology, spirituality, religion, psychedelics, etc. Many of my ideas and stories are based on the work and efforts of Terence McKenna, and also of Alan Watts, Bruce Lipton, Sadhguru, Carl Jung and Thomas Campbell.

I prefer to lecture limited groups in small (domestic) rooms to establish personal interaction without the need for audio amplification. For addressing larger groups, voice amplification needs to be made available.

Feel free to collect a group of interested open minded people, and I will provide an interesting, educational and scintillating lecture about the Universe and our relation to it, with an extensive Q&A to top it off. I’ll leave you with plenty of food for thought and hopefully your next birthday party the day your friends and/or family start questioning who it is you hang out with or where else you got those funky ideas from.

Fee determined in consultation. Lets start by making contact.

(See Food & Talk for a 1 on 1 experience)


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