The psychedelic experience

Tripping/to trip is probably the most famous word derived from the psychedelic experience. It really is a trip, an inward journey. One that as a beginner, you haven’t the faintest idea where you’ll arrive or what to expect when you get there. Continue reading “The psychedelic experience”

Self development is a choice

Your fingerprints are given, but self development is a choice.

All attention of Western society is headed outwards: from the recently discovered subatomic Higgs boson particle to the farthest away galaxy at the end of the Universe has been mapped out by her. That the actual terrain described by this map turns out to be illusive is a subject of my lectures, and most likely of a future blogpost as well.

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Archaic sparks

Sparks sparkle. Splashes splash. Held against time they are sheer magic.

Sparks have something magic about them and generally ignite unexpectedly. I often get them from my car with stepping out. Fortunately I rarely get them from someone around. There’s always this risk you get zapped by this archaic spark with its tremendous complex relational consequences creating capacity that raised our numbers up to 7 billion. I took myself out of the gene pool for that matter.

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