About me

Mr. Lucky himself. Psychonaut en Lichtwerker.
My name is Peter Warringa. I’m Dutch, born in 1962 and momentarily residing near Lake Veerse Meer, close to Middelburg/Holland.

Over the years I’ve moved 27 times and undoubtfully some more relocations will be added to that number. Lived and worked in 5 different countries and loved ladies from 3 different nationalities. Worked as employer as well as employee and held occupations from garbage man to General Manager, with a variety of other jobs in between. All I’m saying here is that I’ve climbed the career ladder up and down while interacting with folks of different cultures, nationalities and diversity of visions and opinions, resulting in lots of life experience and a mature knowledge of human nature.

I’m an experience expert concerning depression, hyper tension and burn out, but also on the usage of several different entheogens and the risks and effects it can have on consciousness expansion and wellbeing. Confronting the Ego with the Self by entheogens is not the easiest way, but for sure the fastest way to discover oneself and what the heck it is we’re here for.

My search for ‘truth’ and ‘ease of mind’ led to self education about psychology, alchemy, astronomy, cosmology, electronics*, biology, magic, mythology, science, spirituality, technology, and many more aspects of the world around us.

The combination of work related endeavours and adventures, having stepped into the diversity of Ego/Self mind traps more than once, obtaining an above average amount of knowledge as well as the psychedelic experience, has resulted in a large general knowledge base, lots of life experience, an open mind and a well expanded consciousness. Together with powerful problem solving capacities, a great sense of humor and dito eloquence I can guarantee scintillating lectures and the ability to supply handles, ideas and insights that enable personal development and expansion of consciousness to those willing to evolve.

I consider myself a psychonaut, Lightworker and a meme replicator/spreader who enjoys sharing his wisdom, knowledge and experience to anyone with an open mind and willingness to learn by listening.


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